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Routine Prescription Requests

Non-urgent advice: Please Note

It takes 3 working days for the Practice to process repeat prescription requests. Please allow additional time if your prescriptions are sent to a Pharmacy.

N.B. The length of time it takes for your prescription to be available from a Pharmacy once it leaves the Practice is outwith our control.

Please do not telephone the practice to check the status of a prescription request.

Thank you for your understanding.

Neilston Medical Centre’ preferred method of requesting repeat prescriptions is via Patient Access.

Please Register for our Patient Access System if you haven’t already done so.  This allows you to request repeat prescriptions online – PLEASE NOTE, THIS SERVICE IS FOR REPEAT MEDICATION ONLY. Please feel free to register when next in the Practice.

What is Patient Access? 

If you are a registered patient in this surgery and have repeat medications, with Patient Access, you can order repeat prescriptions whether at home, work, or on the move.

Once you have ordered your repeat prescriptions from the list presented to you, the doctor will deal with this. If for any reason one of your requests is being refused – the doctor will send you a message.

What is the difference between a repeat and acute prescription?

  • A repeat prescription is a medication that you are provided with on a regular basis by your doctor. On Patient Access ordering – this entire list is presented to you once you login to your account.
  • An acute prescription is a medication which you may well receive on a regular basis from your doctor on request, however, there are occasions when the doctor does not immediately (or ever) add it to your repeat medication list. This may be because it is a new medication you are trying out, or because the particular medication needs regular monitoring/attention and may not be appropriate to be given indefinitely on repeat. On Patient Access ordering, if a medication does not appear on the repeat list of medications you may request it in the message bar at the bottom of the page.
Online Booking of Appointments via Patient Access

N.B. The booking of online appointments is temporarily suspended due to the Coronavirus situation.

 Please Note: There are a small number of online appointments which can be booked via Patient Access. These online appointments are required to comply with the GMS Contract. However, this practice continues to utilise a Dr Triage system for the majority of doctor appointments.