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Failure to Attend Appointments

In an effort to ensure patient appointments are used efficiently ie not wasted, the Practice has a policy for patients who fail to attend their appointment as follows:

  1. On the first occasion a patient fails to attend he/she will receive a letter or text about this.
  2. If there is a second failure to attend, a second letter or text will be sent, issuing a notification that they are at at risk of being removed from our patient list.
  3. If a third failure to attend occurs in the same 6 month period, the patient will receive a letter of notification informing them that they are to be removed from our list and will require to find another doctor.

Whilst we appreciate that there are sometimes unavoidable reasons for a patient missing their appointment, there are various ways to cancel an appointment, as follows:

  1. Call to cancel appointments as soon as possible,
  2. If we have your mobile phone number you will receive text reminders of your appointment.  On receipt of this text reminder, you can cancel your appointment via the text.

Please support us in trying to save wasted appointments by using the above guidelines.

Thank you.