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General Practice Training

The practice has been approved as a training practice. This means a doctor who has at least 3 years hospital training spends a total of 18 months with us learning about General Practice. This means the partners have responsibility for assisting a doctor working with them to gain experience in General Practice.

From time to time consultations are video recorded for training purposes, but only with the written consent of patients. This is only for use within the practice. If, however, you do not feel comfortable participating in this video taping, please feel free to decline.  

Undergraduate Training

From time to time medical students visit the practice to sit with the doctor during consultations and are occasionally given the opportunity to interview patients with patient consent.

Information for GP Trainees

The Trainers have a dedicated interest in training – we like and enjoy being trainers.

The practice has a low turnover of staff. We are a small, cohesive team who work well together. The Practice area covers a good mix of suburban housing, deprived areas, some rural farms and landed gentry. This allows exposure to a mix of patients not always seen in other practices.

The practice can be busy at times but we are well organised and the day usually always runs smoothly. The benefit to you is that you will see lots of patients, which is the best possible preparation for passing the CSA.

Trainers have been on a CSA preparation course to help you pass this part of the MRCGP.

We have had consistent good feedback from our trainees and many of them would be happy to be contacted by you to discuss the benefits of training with us.

We have dedicated time arranged through the week for tutorials. The trainer will always available through the day to be asked about uncertainties or dilemmas. We aim to have an informal feedback session at the end of every surgery.

Our trainees enjoy an introductory programme involving in house IT training, time spent with our local allied health professionals like the local pharmacy, the older people’s team and physiotherapy.

We encourage our trainees to attend the local day release educational programme and we are supportive of study leave.